glennys marsdon

Consumer Psychology Consultant – Award Winning Author


“Feels really good having done this and I am grateful how easy you have made this process, it’s all seem too difficult before but I have a clear vision now.” Stevie Marcos

Glennys’s broad experience has found her in demand as a mentor, particularly in the areas of …

Writing and publishing your book

Personal branding – How to market yourself.

Freelance Lifestyle – How to leave corporate life behind.

Recovering From Loss – Gaining back control.

Clients have included:

  • Internationally trained artists
  • Award winning eBook authors
  • OBE recipients
  • Cancer survivors
  • Medical professionals

For more information about one of one sessions contact Glennys via the contacts page.

Client comments

”Glennys was extremely helpful in getting me put words into action. Writing a book had been on the forefront of my mind for sometime and after meeting with Glennys a lightbulb turned on in my head, she enabled me to see a clear vision of what was needed to be done in order of achieving this goal. Our discussion formed the grounds of a personal brand which she was extremely quick in getting back to me. Her guidance is very much appreciated and recommended.”

“I finally edited my about page and feel rather incredible and legit. thank you so much.”

“As you probably imagined I raced home and started gathering all the things I have already written. Thank you so very much for putting those notes together so soon, it will be extremely helpful. I didn’t expect our chat to go so well but am oh so glad it did.”