glennys marsdon

Consumer Psychology Consultant – Award Winning Author


An extract of client comments for Freelance Writing, Guest Speaking/Workshops, Mentoring and Books.


Freelance Writing

‘Sales team very much liked your downsizing yarn: and they like your Inner City living idea.” The Weekly Review

‘Please tell the person who wrote the Wonderland article that I loved it, my exact thoughts as I watched people toasting marshmallows, where’s the official to tell us off.’ (reader Swan Magazine column)

‘We really enjoyed your Cultural Centre blog and would like you to create a new post in January.”  Tweet Perth/Visit Perth City

‘We’re really, really pleased to have you on board.‘ Douglas Sutherland editor Swan Magazine.

‘Check out The Ponder Room blog, Glennys Marsdon writes neat and brief fun blog entries that have a great visual feel and are not too long to read. She engages readers through questions and guiding the reader to hold an opinion or share thoughts on the topic. A good example of a laid back ‘news with a difference; Perth based blogger.’ Jacqui


Guest Speaking/Workshops

‘Glennys’s wide experience in and knowledge of her topic made it a very interesting talk. One measure of how well a speakers topic is received is by the number of questions it invokes, and by that measure Glennys’s talk was indeed very well received by the members.’ Mundary Rotary (talk on consumer psychology)

‘Thank you for presenting at Subiaco Library’s first Published to Public! We have received some lovely feedback today and all of the feedback last night was fabulous. People loved sharing your stories and your work and thanks to you, this will now become a regular event at Subiaco library. (Subiaco Library – talk about writing journey)

‘Thank you for your wonderful speech today, we’ve had lots of positive feedback’ Mundaring Rotary (follow up talk on Marketing)

‘Lyle hasn’t stopped raving about the presentation he saw from you and how interesting you make the topics.’ Mundary Rotary (talk on Me Time)

“Glennys brought a wealth of experience to the day, and a gentleness that encouraged all participants to share their knowledge.” (talk on Personal Branding for the Australian Society Authors)

“I look forward to working towards a creative solution to the development of a personal brand that reflects who I am and how my work reflects that image. Thank you to the Australian Society of Authors for sponsoring the event, to Glennys for her wisdom, and to fellow participants for good company, a wealth of generous sharing.” (Personal Branding workshop)

‘Another terrific seminar. Glennys did a great job and there were a lovely group of participants. I found it both stimulating and informative, another member said it was the best seminar she had been to and Steve, the only guy, was thrilled with what he took away. Now we have to see how we can make it work for us, Thank you.’ Tangea (Personal Branding workshop)

‘I have an enormous to do list and can’t wait to get started.’ (Personal Branding workshop for Romance Writers)

‘I am writing to say how much I enjoyed the workshop today. As someone who writes a mix of short stories, children’s books, blogs, reviews and feature articles (and a partially written novel), and having a strong online presence across various platforms, I found the workshop well placed to help me consolidate exactly who I am, and what image(s) I should be presenting online. I think it is a credit to the ASA that it includes programs such as this alongside more traditional writing classes, as having clarity about social networking and the opportunity it brings, only increases our relevance in today’s online world’ Shannon (Personal Branding workshop)

‘It consolidated who I am and what images I present online.’ (Personal Branding workshop)

‘Your excellent marketing workshop still resonates with me.‘ (Personal Branding workshop)

“Thank you so much for facilitating the class, it was absolutely terrific. Being connected to some of the participant’s online/social media presence I can assure you that people took your advice to hand and put it into immediate action.” (Marketing workshop)

‘I just wanted to thank you for the seminar on Saturday, I didn’t get a chance at the end as I had to rush off. But thank you so much for your time and expertise. It gave me some things to think about and confirmed my need to have a higher profile. I am not sure what my brand is yet but will use your seminar as a spring board for further investigation. Congratulations on everything you have achieved, it’s inspiring to see what is possible.’ Kim Coull.



‘I finally edited my about page and feel rather incredible and legit. Thank you so much.’ (client of personal branding)

‘How lucky was I when I met this lady and took advantage of the services she offers through her company The Customers’ Voice. I have been writing and publishing children’s books since 2006 but how to market them effectively was beyond my ken. I now have a Marketing Plan that makes sense and that I understand. Glennys has the happy knack of unpacking her advice in an open and very gentle way. She showed me what was do-able by me and how to climb out of my own comfort zone so that I could do more and do differently. She probed until I raised matters that she could see were problematic but which I was loath to raise myself. She stopped me “kidding myself.” If you are looking for help with a marketing problem I believe that you should talk to Glennys.’ Frances Maber (writing a book)

‘Feels really good having done this and I am grateful how easy you have made this process, it’s all seemed too difficult before but I have a clear vision now.‘ (client writing a book)

‘Glennys was extremely helpful in getting me to put words into action. Writing a book had been on the forefront of my mind for sometime and after meeting with Glennys a lightbulb turned on in my head, she enabled me to see a clear vision of what was needed to be done in order of achieving this goal. Our discussion formed the grounds of a personal brand which she was extremely quick in getting back to me. Her guidance is very much appreciated and recommended.’ Stevie Marcos (writing a book)

‘As you probably imagined I raced home and started gathering all the things I have already written. thank you so very much for putting those notes together so soon, it will be extremely helpful. I didn’t expect our chat to go so well but am oh so glad it did.’ (client writing a book)



‘A wonderful book, a perfect blend of humour and wisdom.’ (50 Ways To Grieve Your Lover)

‘Just had to tell you how much I enjoyed the book, actually enjoyed isn’t the right word, I was moved. Although your book was light-hearted it was never frivolous and all your depth of feeling came through. I’m sure it will bring peace of mind to many people who read it. What cheered me up was your message that despite all the suffering there is light at the end of the tunnel. (50 Ways To Grieve Your Lover)

‘An amazing array of emotions resulted reading it, happiness, sadness and hope’ (50 Ways To Grieve Your Lover)

‘I enjoyed it enormously and admire you a great deal for having the courage to put it together. It’s and insight in two ways – grief from the point of view of someone going through the process, and from the point of view of someone who is observing the griever! It deserves to be read widely’ (50 Ways To Grieve Your Lover)

‘What a clever girl, the text touched me on so many issues, the chapter about cancelling Christmas was just what we did. I’m going to offer the book to the Hospice library, after I have one more read. (50 Ways To Grieve Your Lover)

‘I thought it was wonderful and I am very impressed with your research. I learnt heaps and I am a published eBook author. “ Marleen Rattigan editor (To ePublish of not to ePublish)

‘Marsdon takes everyday activities like going to the bathroom or driving in your car and finds ways to turn them into ‘me time’. Start yours by read more than 100 strategies for gaining guilt-free time just for you.’ (Review of Me Time by WritingWA in The West Australian)